We’d like to take a moment to compare a few ocean, river, wake and surf pool waves.


World Class Waves - these photos are the best in their respective catagories. 



1.       How much does it cost?  - I speculate $5/ minute depending on a multitude of variables.

2.       A minute is short?  A minute is 15 times longer than an average Florida wave.  I’ve spent a lifetime chasing them.  A minute is twice as long as the current best wave pool technology. 

3.       What about environmental regulations?  They won’t let you build in a river.  - True, but there are plenty of exceptions.  Manmade white water kayak parks are an easy exception and potentially partner in this endeavor.  Another potential install would be at the base of a hydroelectric dams.  Our installation would be environmentally neutral compared to the dam.  We would also enhance the communities recreational use of the dam’s grounds.  

4.       How many spots could there be to build one of these?  In the US there are 2200 hydroelectric dams,80,000 dams, and dozens of manmade whitewater parks.  World wide there should be more than double this.    

5.       Why compete with other wave pool technology?  River surf pools are 95%+ more energy efficient than any other wave pool technology and half as expensive to build.  There are no pumps or wedges to move the water.  The water is already moving and provided to us via mother nature.  


Wave Shapes

Barrel – The crown jewel.  From intense heavy lipped square barrels, to round performance barrels, to easy thin-lipped almond shaped barrels of joy.

High Performance Lipper -  This wave would lend itself to tall round house lip smacking among many other maneuvers.  Deep face gouging cutbacks, blowing the tail out on a lip smack, a fins out rail slide, pop air, and do a flip if the wave is big enough.  The possibilities are endless.

Mound w/ Lip on Top  This wave is great for long casual hang ten and cross-stepping. It’s a softer wave and generates less speed than the High Performance Lipper wave.  It lends itself to many of the same maneuvers as the HPL, but with less grandiose because of the lower speeds.  This is great for learning the High Performance Maneuvers and stepping up from the beginner wave. 

A Straight Mound – Great for beginners and party waves with many beginners.  Long boards and casual carves would be ideal. 

A White-Water Mush Burger.  Yuck.  We can make it, but why.

Now to get fancy.  We can create wave sections with the precision, rhythm and all the control of a maestro.  We can create floater section, air sections, easy entry barrels followed by tube spits, and any other combinations of waves in sequence to set up any surfing maneuver the real world has seen.  How about an easy entry barrel followed by a tube spit exit as the curtain closes and an air section waiting right outside the door.  Video of this exact sequence at back door pipeline.   Size and water flow is our only limitation.   


Services Offered

Project management, prototyping, and design and engineering of custom installation of River Surf Pools.  The surf pool and its functions are standardized and will readily scale to the specified river flow parameters.  The grounds of the sites available for construction will likely each be unique.  Engineering of the installation and foundations must be done for each install.   



25 years in construction.  7 years construction Project Management.  3 years of physics in college.  30 years ocean surfing.  3 years of wake surfing.   A functioning prototype.  

We want to build these and are actively looking for partners.