River Wave Quality - Joe at Inertia Magazine gives us credit for better quality river waves.

Wave Pool Mag - They had no idea river waves could be this good.

River Break Interview  -   I was fortunate enough to get an in depth interview with these guys.

Articles and Noteworthy web links

Adjustable River Wave vs Wave Pool - like minded article including economic benefit to community.

AJ Toy Boarders  -  I love these guys. 2” surfers.

River Break   - The only online magazine dedicated to river surfing. 

Unsalted Perfection -  This video shows a beautiful river wave in France.  I want to surf it.  It is accidentally man made. 

Zambezi barrel -  A river barreling wave.  Mother nature showing us it can be done.   

Jackson Kayak : White Water Construction -  a good list of wave construction considerations.  If you are fortunate enough to be on a wave building team (kayak or surf) this is worth the quick read.  I agree with everything this guys says. 

2ndLight Forum Thread - my local surf forum