4 very similar sports. 

The 3 videos below are intended to represent the best of each of these sports.  The similarities in these sports is obvious.  The differences are subtle.  Each of these are human manufactured waves.  Jumps and spins are the main repertoire of tricks.  On your average day watching your average participant you will not see jumps or spins.     

Flow Rider

Wake Surfing

River Surfing

Now lets look at Ocean Surfing.   

 This video is representative of the best of surfing.  

Now lets look at Ocean Surfing on small waves. 

The primary difference between ocean and manufactured waves is size and time.  Manufactured waves have the advantage of ride time.  More ride time to practice creates more technical maneuvers.  Ocean waves are much bigger. Bigger and faster waves make for more aggressive maneuvers.  Bigger airs, harder turns.  Combining these two strengths is within reach. 

Of the three manufactured waves and wave pools, river surfing has potential to make significantly bigger waves economically due to its free flowing water.  Flow rider and wavepool pumps are very expensive as are big boats and the gas to run them.  Maintenance, upkeep and run costs all favor river surfing.