Reef Pass                                                         Patent Pending Investment Opportunities   

Reef Pass balances 5 hydrological components.  Fine tuning of this balance can ensure optimal waves in a wide variety of river stages without altering the bed form.

  • Bed form - The bottom is modeled after similarities from different reef point breaks.

  • Hydraulic jump - a hydraulic jump (Google it) is controlled and caused to happen in the appropriate place on the reef and roughly aligns with where a wave would break on a reef pass in real life.

  • Gates - Controlling this hydraulic jump requires synchronized gates upstream and down. Water flow exit must always balance water flow entry. Gates can alter the flow direction, the water depth in the flow, and the speed of the flow.

  • Volume – This will largely be dictated by Mother Nature and our river authorities. Adapting to the flow is mandatory.

  • Filters – Fast turbulence and undulations in the water should be filtered out.

By altering the flow different wave shapes are possible in real time without altering the bed form.    

Side View


Left Barrel                                                                                      Hydraulic Jump

Milo Scale Comparison.JPG