River Surf Systems is focused on improving man made waves and bringing costs down.  With use of our Reef Pass technology we can mold flowing rivers into surfing waves shaped as good as the best ocean waves. 


Advantages Over Wave Pools. 

  • 96% more energy efficient. We require no energy or machinery to move the water. Gravity & Mother Nature do it for us.

  • Half the price to build. Minimal machinery reduces construction and life cycle costs. Less machinery, less electrical infrastructure, a smaller footprint, and less maintenance.

  • Longer ride times. Our waves don’t end. They are near perpetual with respect to water flows. As long as the water is flowing the wave is standing tall and steady.

Advantages Over Flow Riders

  • 96% more energy efficient. Again, gravity and mother nature move the water for us. No pumps.

  • Speed and shape of the wave matches natural ocean waves. Feels more like surfing.

Improvement to River Surfing

  • Speed and shape of the wave matches natural ocean waves. Feels more like surfing.

    Thank you river surfers for the enthusiasm and support.


If you’re an ocean surfer like myself you have seen Kelly Slater's wave and dreamed about surfing it.  There are 3 surf pools open to the public using his same Underwater Towed Wedge technology introduced by Wave Garden.  One in Wales, Spain, and one in Texas.  They are relatively new with a collective run time between them of just 4 years (as of July 2017).  Pricing is vague at $90 for 90 minutes.  How much ride time is that? 

Ocean waves are not static like river waves.  They undulate and morph readily as they pass over the shallow ocean floor.  The undulations in the sea floor telegraph through and reveal themselves in the wave shape.  All waves start out mounded.  Seconds later they can be hollow, close out, or just peter out.  Variations and timing are what make surfing's most spectacular maneuvers possible.  Recreating these variation on demand is a new chapter in man made waves and surf pools.  A chapter we eagerly approach.

Thanks to the help I have received along the way.

Michael Withrow - Wave shape mastery and surfing mentor

Jason Gurley - Water pump acquisitions

Matt Stair - Fluid transport system installation

Oak Island Laboratory

Oak Island Labratory